Individual Direct Primary Care

  • Individual Health Benefits

    Healthcare for less than the cost of a Frappuccino per day.

    Though the term “Concierge” might seem to some as an out of reach expense, if your insurance is structured correctly, you might pay very little. Many even save money! We pair very well with a high deductible, catastrophic health insurance plans or Health Share plans like Liberty Direct, which will pay for all or part of you membership. Our median monthly fee is only $83.33/month, or $2.78/day, for all the services we provide. That’s less than a latte!



MyMDbcs Individual Direct Primary Care Plans

An affordable and convenient healthcare solution,
24 hours a day, 7 day a week, by phone/text/video.

MyMDbcs is a Direct Primary Care practice serving the Bryan/College Station area. We provide personalized, optimal care and are available to our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in person, by phone, or by video chat. Our practice offers both individual concierge services as well as corporate health benefit packages depending on your needs. If you are unsure if Direct Primary Care is right for you, contact us and we're happy to sit down with you and help you evaluate our practice and explore how you can change your current health care coverage to obtain better benefits at a more affordable rate. 

The Difference

Direct Primary Care is retainer based and offers numerous benefits including no wait times, no rushed appointments, call/text/video chat capabilities with your doctor, no copays, and truly preventative care. Simply put, concierge medicine is all about YOU…YOUR time, YOUR health, and YOUR convenience. Read about the difference that it made for Tracy Stewart on our blog.

The Research

The American Journal of Managed Care published a study in 2012 of a group of concierge practice patients and found a 79% reduction in hospital admissions for medicare aged patients, and a 72% decrease in hospitalizations for privately insured patients between ages 35-64 enrolled in concierge practices. Additionally, readmission rates for diagnoses such as heart failure, myocardial infarction, and pneumonia were only 2% in concierge patients compared to the national average of 16-24% for the same diagnoses.

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