Benefits of Concierge Medicine

MyMDbcs is a Direct Primary Care, retainer based practice (Concierge Medicine practice) serving the Bryan-College Station area. Opening in October 2013,
it is the first of its kind in this area. At MyMDbcs you can expect:

  • No Waiting

    Same Day Appointments. Stop waiting weeks to see your doctor. Afterhours and weekend appointments available if needed. Your doctor available by phone, text or email 24 hours every day. No waiting in a waiting room. After being greeted by our staff, go directly to see the doctor.

  • No Rush

    Appointments set for at least 30 minutes with the doctor – longer if needed. Our limited number of patients leaves plenty of time for each individual. Office designed to have only one or two patients present at a time.

  • Fewer ER Visits

    Never go to the ER simply because your doctor is not available. Truly preventative care reduces the need for emergent treatment. Our goal is to provide as much of your care as possible in our office or by phone, etc.

  • Less Expense

    Switch to Major Medical Insurance or a Health Share and save a bundle on monthly healthcare premiums. Use that savings to pay for true access to your doctor and still have money left. We make a sincere effort to provide as much care as possible within the retainer fee.

  • Less Worry

    Never worry: “Is this serious? Do I need to go to the ER?” Just call/text your doctor and ask. Same or next day results of lab and radiology studies. Talk with your doctor as long as necessary to get your questions answered. Your secure, electronic medical record available to you and your doctor at all times.

  • Less Frustration

    Just need an Rx called in or have a problem resolvable by phone? No need for an office visit. No stack of forms to fill out or insurance claims issues. Transparency in what your care costs. Out of town? We are available to doctors everywhere to coordinate your care. Don’t ruin a vacation by sitting in an ER. After hours? Your Doctor available within minutes by phone.




We provide personalized, optimal care and are available to our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also limit patient volume to allow very personal care and time to research individual problems. For more information about our individual and corporate concierge medicine plans please contact us today. At your convenience, a free, in-person interview with our doctors is available for you to evaluate our practice and explore how you can change your current heath care coverage to obtain much better benefits at a much more affordable rate.