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    $0 Deductible for Hospital Services

    Healthcare solutions for employers of all sizes. Packages include Health Insurance, 24/7 access to a Direct Primary Care doctor, and Hospitalization services.


MyMDbcs Corporate Direct Primary Care

Providing quality health insurance for your employees should not break your bank. MyMDbcs offers a complete health benefit package for employers that consists of three parts Health Insurance, Direct Primary Care, and Hospitalization Coverage. Together, this package can help increase your employees' health benefits and save you both money. 

Health Insurance

A custom self-insured health plan produced by Entrust that can be taylored to the needs/wants of the corporation and meets PPACA (Obamacare) requirements. It can be as little coverage as the minimum standards set by the PPACA (a Minimum Essential Coverage or MEC plan) up to the works (basically as good of coverage as they want to pay for, regarding deductible size, copays, pharmacy benefits etc.)

Direct Primary Care (DPC) Physician

Employees will love the convenient access to care and experience they have when they need to see the doctor. Employers will love that no insurance claims are generated for any care provided by the DPC doctor. The DPC doctor can manage about 80 of the 100 most common diagnoses, which means the claims history for the self-insured plan will be lower and this will make premiums for the insurance piece much less costly. Also, due to the great access to care that employees will have to the DPC doctor, overall health care spending is decreased by 20-30% for each employee (in the form of fewer ER visits, fewer unnecessary specialist referrals, lab, and imaging tests, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer re-admissions to the hospital once discharged).

Hospitalization Coverage

A contract has been signed with *CHI St. Jospeh Regional Health Center so that any care received at their hospital is completely covered by the insurance piece. There is a $0 deductible for any care received there. So, even if the employer designs a high deductible plan with Entrust, employees can receive care at CHI St. Joseph without the worry of having to meet that deductible for their care.

The health benefit package above is offered to employers with 25+ employees. Additional plans are available to employers with 1-49 employees through Libery Direct which is an ACA compliant HealthShare plan. This combined with the MyMDbcs membership still affords employees with piece of mind and convenient, affordable health care.

For more information about our Direct Primary Care benefit packages, contact MyMDbcs. We're happy to sit down with your team to discuss benefit packages and how we can increase care and decrease prices.

What our Patients Say...

For the last several years my husband and I had to live without medical coverage because we owned our own business. The Concierge health care option only costs around a 1/4 of what typical medical insurance costs which is one of its major benefits. Because Dr John's Concierge practice doesn't have the Federal Govt over-regulating every detail of his day, Dr John is available for most same day appointments and spends as long as you need to answer my questions instead of being rushed out by the typical doctors office.

Tammy BeckBusiness Owner
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