• MyMDbcs - Dr. John Davidhizar

    MyMDbcs - Dr. John Davidhizar

    An Affordable Alternative to Rushed, Impersonal Care

    MyMDbcs is a Direct Primary Care practice serving individuals and businesses in the Bryan/College Station area. Learn more about this affordable and convenient alternative now available to individuals and businesses.

  • MyMDbcs - Dr. John Davidhizar

    Individual Direct Primary Care

    Maintain Control of Your Care

    In this model, the patient maintains control of their care and the doctor knows their name without having to look at their chart. As opposed to being "just another number" of a large busy practice or other similar organization. The physician does not work for the insurance company, a large hospital system, or an HMO. Your doctor works for only one person…YOU!

  • Employee Health Benefits

    $0 Deductible for Hospital Services

    Healthcare solutions for employers of all sizes. Packages include Health Insurance, 24/7 access to a Direct Primary Care doctor, and Hospitalization services.




Less Than $3/Day


Less Frustration & Expense


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What is MyMDbcs

MyMDbcs is a Direct Primary Care, retainer based practice serving the Bryan-College Station area. MyMDbcs opened in October of 2013 and is the first of its kind in the Brazos Valley. Direct Primary Care (also known as retainer-based medicine, or private medicine), is a return to the original doctor-patient relationship: the patient is in control of their care and is treated by the doctor as a client and friend.  The physician does not work for the insurance company, a large hospital system, or an HMO. Your doctor works for only one person – you!

At MyMDbcs, Dr. John Davidhizar ensures that his patients have no waiting upon arriving and do not feel rushed during their appointment. Unlike most doctor’s offices, the limited number of patients leaves plenty of time for each individual. Offering incredible access to personalized, evidence-based primary care in the Brazos Valley, MyMDBCS provides true VIP care. 



What Our Patients Say About MyMDBCS

  • Direct Primary Care provides more access to care because Dr. John guarantees that I can see him the same day or the next business day. I tested it and it works. I don’t have to wait in the waiting room with sick patients and I get at least thirty minutes with him.

  • Dr. Davidhizar is awesome. I have never had such amazing service of level of care from a family doctor. He and his staff are always incredibly responsive even outside of business hours and any time I visit him we come up with a treatment plan together based on informed options instead of having my treatment dictated to me. This is the way medicine should be!

  • Dr John is a [Direct] Primary Care GP with a wonderfully family friendly bed side manner. For the last several years my husband and I had to live without medical coverage because we owned our own business. The [Direct Primary Care] health care option only costs around a 1/4 of what typical medical insurance costs which is one of its major benefits.

  • Dr. Davidhizar is a superb physician that provides great conscientious care. As a fellow physician, I would recommend him to anyone seeking a warm hearted doctor who truly listens to his patients.