Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care for Your Business

Direct Primary Care for Your Business

MyMDbcs offers customized healthcare solutions for small businesses. Multiple plans and packages are available to fit the needs of your business, your budget, and your employees.

What are the advantages of direct primary care plans your employees will enjoy?

  • No waiting – The doctor is available by phone, text, or email 24 hours every day. If your employee does need to see a doctor, same day appointments are available, even after hours and on weekends.
  • No Rush – Because we have a limited number of patients, each one has plenty of time with his or her doctor. Doctor’s appointments are set for at least 30 minutes – longer if needed.
  • Less Frustration – The doctor is available at any time within minutes by phone. Prescriptions can be called in and many problems can be resolved by phone without the need for an office visit. If an employee is out of town, we can find a local doctor to coordinate your care.
  • Fewer ER Visits - The vast majority of emergency room visits are not life-threating and could have been treated elsewhere more quickly and less expensively. With direct primary care, your employees will never need to go to the ER simply because a doctor is unavailable.
  • Personalized care: Our limited patient volume allows for personalized care and time to research individual problems. We provide a proactive, yearly review of each patient’s care plan.

What types of plans are available? MyMDbcs will work with you to create a customized healthcare solution for your employees. It can include:

  • A Direct Primary Care (DPC) Physician - Your employees are given great access to care and experience when they need to see a doctor. They are also able to call, text, or video chat with a doctor whenever necessary. A dedicated doctor available 24/7 means that your employees are healthier and therefore less likely to miss work. No insurance claims are generated by any care provided by the DPC doctor, who can manage approximately 80% of the most common diagnoses. This means that any insurance premiums will be much less expensive. In addition, the great access to care that your employees have decreases overall health care spending by 20-30% due to fewer unnecessary specialist referrals, fewer lab and imaging tests, and fewer hospitalizations.
  • A Health Insurance Plan – A direct primary care physician services can be paired with a custom insurance plan through Entrust to cover any additional necessary medical services. A health insurance representative will work with you to tailor a plan to your company’s wants and needs and will ensure the plan meets PPACA (requirements). Plans of all levels of coverage are available.
  • Hospital Coverage at CHI St. Joseph Regional Health Center – A contract has been signed with this hospital that ensures that any care received at this hospital is completely covered by any custom health insurance plan purchased through Entrust. There is a $0 deductible for any care your employees receive there.

To learn more about how direct primary care through MyMDbcs can be an affordable option for your small business, call us today at (979) 209-0458 to set up a free interview!