Direct Primary Care

What is MyMDbcs?

What is MyMDbcs?

MyMDbcs is a direct primary care practice serving the Bryan-College Station area.

What is Direct Primary Care medicine?

Direct primary care (also known as retainer-based medicine or private medicine), is a return to the original doctor-patient relationship: the patient is in control of their care and is treated by the doctor as a client and friend.  The physician does not work for the insurance company, a large hospital system, or an HMO. Your doctor works for only one person – you!

Because we do not accept insurance, we have low overhead and don’t need permission from a hospital or insurance company to care for you in the way we deem appropriate. Our low patient enrollment allows us to invest completely in you and your family. We’re fully dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health in the most convenient way possible.

What are some of the advantages of direct primary care through MyMDbcs?

  • No waiting: Same-day appointments are always available, even after-hours and on the weekend. In addition, your doctor is available by phone, text, or email 24 hours a day, every day. Upon arriving to our office, you will see your doctor immediately without waiting in a waiting room.
  • No rushed appointments: Because we have a limited number of patients, each one has plenty of time with his or her doctor. Appointments are at least 30 minutes long and are longer if needed.
  • Fewer emergency room visits: The vast majority of emergency room visits are not life-threating and could have been treated elsewhere more quickly and less expensively. With direct primary care, you will never need to go to the ER simply because your doctor is unavailable. True preventative care greatly reduces the need for emergency care.
  • Personalized care: Our limited patient volume allows for personalized care and time to research individual problems. We provide a proactive, yearly review of each patient’s care plan.
  • Less worry: Call or text your doctor at any time to know immediately if your condition is serious or warrants a trip to the ER. Your lab work and radiology study results are available the same or next day. You’ll always be able to talk to your doctor as long as necessary to answer all your questions and your secure, electronic medical record is available to you and your doctor at all times.
  • Less frustration: Your doctor is available at any time within minutes by phone. Prescriptions can be called in and many problems can be resolved by phone without the need for an office visit. You’ll always know exactly what your care costs without any worry of insurance claim issues. If you’re out of town, we can find a local doctor to coordinate your care.
  • Less expense: To many, the term “concierge” implies an expensive, out of reach type of care, but usually this isn’t the case. Many of our patients actually save money by using MyMDBCS. We pair very well with high deductible, catastrophic health insurance plans or health share plans, which often will pay all or part of your membership. Our median monthly fee is only $83.33 a month.

We would be happy to speak with you about how direct primary care through MyMDbcs can be an affordable option for your family and can maximize your current health care coverage. Call us today at (979) 209-0458 to schedule a free in-person interview!