Our Fees

Though the term “Concierge” might seem to some as an out of reach expense, if your insurance is structured correctly, you might pay very little. Many even save money! We pair very well with a high deductible, catastrophic health insurance plans or Health Share plans like Liberty Direct, which will pay for all or part of you membership. Our median monthly fee is only $83.33/month, or $2.78/day, for all the services we provide. That’s less than a latte!

Before you decide whether this is affordable, we strongly encourage you to speak with us about your situation and allow us to explain how we can make this option affordable for you and your family by optimizing you current health care coverage. In the days of Obamacare, it’s important to know how to keep yourself covered for medical catastrophes, maintain good access to care that promotes health and wellness, and avoid being forced into unnecessarily subsidizing the health care expenses of others who may be making poor lifestyle choices or accessing health care in a wasteful manner.

You will be surprised how affordable this is, and you have nothing to lose by sitting down to explore the option with us.

Fee Structure…less than the cost of a Frappuccino per day (average less than $2.75/day)

MyMDbcs does not accept any forms of insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. All services are on an monthly pay basis as below (prices shown with 3% cash/check discount):

Child Birth to age 2: $100.00 per month
Child 3-6 years of age: $75.00 per month
7 – 34 years of age: $50.00 per month
35 – 49 years of age: $75.00 per month
50 – 64 years of age: $100.00 per month
65 + $150.00 per month
* maximum family payment $ 375.00 per month

The fee may be made by monthly recurring credit or debit charge, monthly ACH auto-draft, or annual payment by check (3% discount offered) or credit card.

Call us to schedule a time to meet at (979) 209-0458